Progress toward Budget Agreement Can Help Our Public Lands

Oct 27, 2015
The Wilderness Society applauds the efforts of Republicans and Democrats to move toward an agreement, which should lead toward better funding for conservation programs.

“Today's announcement of a bipartisan budget agreement is a welcome development after a long partisan standoff over how to fund federal programs in the coming year,” said Alan Rowsome of The Wilderness Society.

“We applaud Republicans and Democrats for coming together to lift the debt ceiling and give the appropriations committees a framework to craft a budget that supports our public lands.

Now the appropriations committees need to do their part in authoring an Interior bill that invests in wild places and begins to restore the funding that our land management agencies so desperately need to steward America's wild lands for future generations.

In doing so, Congress must avoid weighing down their Interior spending bill with harmful anti-environmental provisions that have no place in such a bill, are unpopular, and will hinder the bill's ultimate passage.  Instead, Congress must use this opportunity to permanently reauthorize and fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund as well as broker a long term deal that addresses the cost of wildfire, two priorities that have strong bipartisan support that must be addressed in this package.”


Alan Rowsome, Senior Director of Government Relations for Lands, 202-429-2643,