Reckless fracking bill gets undue Congressional attention

Jul 31, 2013

Hydraulic Fracking

Website of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas

Statement from The Wilderness Society

Legislation that would prevent federal oversight of hydraulic fracturing on federal lands is seeing movement in a House committee through a mark-up session aimed at preparing the bill for a full floor vote. The Wilderness Society opposes the bill, noting that it could have adverse consequences for the public, our health and the environment.

In testimony on the bill just last week, licensed engineer and Arctic Program Director for The Wilderness Society Lois Epstein noted that the bill “is indifferent to how well state programs protect surface and groundwater, wildlife habitat and the public.”

“Currently, BLM and tribal lands are subject to a patchwork of state hydraulic fracturing regulations, with some states not having performed much work on this issue. Some states require best practices in some areas, while other states do not,” said Epstein. “States should not be allowed to undermine federal requirements because the end result will be contamination problems that will adversely affect regions and the industry as a whole.”

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