Rep. Chaffetz did the right thing withdrawing his bill to sell off public lands in 10 western states

Feb 2, 2017

Devil's Playground, Bureau of Land Management, Wyoming

Soren Jespersen, Wilderness Society
Wilderness Society statement of withdrawal of H.R. 621.

“Rep. Chaffetz did the right thing by withdrawing his bill,” said Brad Brooks, deputy director of The Wilderness Society Idaho office. “H.R. 621 would have allowed the sell off of 3.3 million acres of national public land in 10 western states.  Citizens throughout the U.S. who treasure public lands expressed outrage about the bill. 

"However, Rep. Chaffetz has also made it clear that he aims to dismantle Teddy Roosevelt’s legacy elsewhere, by attacking national monuments and the Antiquities Act and promoting other measures designed to starve national federal lands of law enforcement resources needed to prevent vandalism and protect wildlife.

"This is one victory in a broader defense of public lands at large, and we plan to hold Rep. Chaffetz and the rest of Congress accountable every time they fail to protect the places that celebrate our outdoor and cultural heritage.” 

Brad Brooks, deputy director, Idaho office

The Wilderness Society