Rep. Rob Bishop proposes gutting America’s most successful parks conservation program

Nov 5, 2015
Statement from The Wilderness Society

The Wilderness Society issued the following statement in response to legislation introduced today by Rep. Rob Bishop (R-Utah) regarding the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which Congress has failed to reauthorize, effectively ending the 50-year-old program:

“Rep. Bishop’s bill is a deliberate effort by anti-conservation extremists to dismantle a successful and popular bipartisan program and distract Congress from the urgent need to fully fund and permanently reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund in its current form,” said Alan Rowsome, senior director of government relations for The Wilderness Society

“LWCF connects millions of Americans to the great outdoors in every corner of our nation.  Bishop’s bill would twist and pervert the program, bending it in  ways that reflect the congressman’s disdain for our national parks and other public lands, which reflect our shared history, drive our local economies and are owned by all Americans.”

Background, Maps and Data about the Land and Water Conservation Program

The Land and Water Conservation Fund, last reauthorized in 1990, lapsed on September 30 when Congress failed to reauthorize the program in spite of the fact that there are enough votes to continue the program.  This means that for the first time in decades, $2.46 million per day is no longer set aside to invest in the nation’s parks and open spaces to ensure public access to the great outdoors.  Americans in virtually every county of the United States enjoy trails, playgrounds and recreation centers paid for by the Land and Water Conservation Fund an overwhelming support the continuation of the program as is. 

·         County-by-county details about LWCF projects in all 50 states

·         Specific wildlands and projects at risk if LWCF is not renewed

·         Illustrated map highlighting representative projects by state or region

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Alan Rowsome, Senior Director of Government Relations for Lands, 202-429-2643,
Michael Reinemer, Deputy Director, Wildlands Communications, 202-429-3949,