Statement on Cancellation of the Western Oregon Plan Revisions

Jul 16, 2009

“Today is a great day for the people of Oregon — and the country — as the U.S. Department of the Interior withdrew legally flawed plans for the management of Oregon’s western public forests under the Bureau of Land Management. This important decision will help preserve ancient forests that provide critical wildlife habitat, clean drinking water and outstanding recreational opportunities — all of which positively impact the economic vitality of Oregon’s coastal communities.

“The Obama administration sided with sound science by cancelling the Western Oregon Plan Revisions (WOPR) due, in part, to incompliance with the Endangered Species Act. The Bush-era plan would have nearly quadrupled current logging on public lands in western Oregon and threaten wildlife habitat for a number of species, including the imperiled spotted owl and marbled murrelet.

“The Wilderness Society is pleased that the Obama administration held to its commitment of making science at the forefront of its decision-making processes. With its decision to withdraw WOPR, western Oregon forests will once again be managed under the Northwest Forest Plan, which will continue to preserve carbon-storing old growth forests, valuable wildlife habitat, clean water sources for our communities and recreational opportunities for our children and grandchildren.”

By Bob Freimark, Senior Policy Analyst, The Wilderness Society