Statement on Climate Change Safeguards for Natural Resources Conservation Act

Apr 30, 2009

We applaud Chairman Nick Rahall (D-WV) and Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) of the House Natural Resources Committee for introducing legislation (H.R. 2192 ) to provide a clear federal policy in favor of protecting our natural resources. This legislation will help prioritize public lands and the critical services they provide to human communities in the face of global warming's adverse impacts.  Many of these impacts are already being felt around the nation. In the Rocky Mountain West, snowpack and summer runoff has already decreased and in the Southeast droughts are on the rise. The heat-trapping pollution already in our atmosphere will continue to affect our climate for decades to come, putting additional stresses on the natural areas and wildlife that support our communities. 

Today's action by the the Natural Resources Committee takes a huge step forward in placing natural resource protection at the forefront of federal global warming policy and helping to coordinate efforts across local and federal agencies. Our families and communiuties rely on both a vibrant environment and strong economy. Today, Americans  have rejected the false choice that these two aims are mutually exclusive. Congress is working to address both the causes and effects of global warming through initiatives that create green jobs across the country.   If we want to protect public health in a warming world, we must devote new resources to maintaining the vitality and viability of America's natural ecosystems, wildlife and wild places.

Statement by David Moulton, Climate Policy Director