Statement from Jamie Williams in response to Senator Max Baucus planned retirement and commitment to 'double down' on Montana conservation bills:

Apr 24, 2013

South towards the Crown of the Continent

Paul Jerry-Flickr


"Senator Max Baucus will always be remembered for his style of conservation leadership which encouraged people to work together over kitchen tables to reach home-grown solutions for the good of our public lands and water. 


"Throughout his long career, Senator Baucus displayed again and again a moral obligation to leave our public lands in better shape than we found them for our kids and grandkids.  His work on the Montana Legacy Project, the North Fork Protection Act, and the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act are emblematic of his commonsense leadership to keep our wild and pristine places intact. He has also been a national leader on getting full and permanent funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund.


"We are very encouraged Max remains committed to cementing his impressive conservation legacy by working to pass the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act and North Fork Protection Act before his term is up."