Statement on Obama’s move toward higher fuel economy standards, stronger state emission standards

Jan 26, 2009

Statement from David Moulton, The Wilderness Society's Director of Climate Change Policy

“The Obama administration clearly understands the urgency needed to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and to create new jobs through clean energy technologies. Any state willing to tackle global warming in a manner consistent with current law should be praised, not parried.

“President Obama has taken hold of the policy wheel, turned in a new direction, and stepped on the accelerator. What a welcome sense of forward motion! States were blocked repeatedly by the Bush Administration when they tried to take this road, stalemate ensued, and global warming pollution continued to pour out of our cars and light trucks every day. We welcome our new president’s priorities. The federal government will finally tackle the setting of minimum fuel economy standards without further delay. The health of our people, our public lands and our planet depend on these new directions.”