Statement on Passage of President Obama’s Stimulus Package

Feb 13, 2009

By David Moulton, Climate and Conservation Funding Director

“We commend President Obama and the Democratic leadership for their tireless work aimed at jolting our economy back to life while laying the foundation for a prosperous future. President Obama has made a down-payment on his campaign promises to transform our energy economy while also creating new green jobs that put Americans back to work. Provisions of this legislation will encourage the development of our nascent renewable energy industry, provide much-needed investment in public transportation, and make our cars, houses and appliances more energy efficient. Each of these measures will help wean our nation off carbon intensive technologies that emit the gases that are warming our atmosphere.

“We are particularly encouraged by provisions of the stimulus that will invest in making our national forests, grasslands, national parks, and conservation areas more resilient to the changing climate. There is work to be done across the nation restoring native ecosystems, maintaining our best protected and unprotected natural areas, and rehabilitating our wetlands and coasts to guard against climate-charged storm surges. It’s time we invest in a green work force to care for our lands — a 21st century Civilian Conservation Corps. Without these wild places to turn to as the environment changes, our human communities will suffer from a lack of clean air, clean water and places to recreate. If we don’t protect these critical lands, watersheds and habitats, they will no longer be able to protect us.”

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