Statement on Release of EPA’s Proposed “Endangerment” Finding

Apr 17, 2009

Today, in a decision based on a careful review of scientific evidence, the Environmental Protection Agency found that greenhouse gases endanger the public health and welfare under the Clean Air Act. This finding was expected, but long overdue because the previous administration respected neither the science nor the law. The consequence of this finding is that EPA will now begin the task of reducing these emissions through the permitting process provided by the Clean Air Act.

Now that EPA is no longer going to ignore the law, the howls we are hearing are from the same folks who have been busy blocking legislation in Congress to modify the law.

One way or the other, the clear and present danger of endlessly dumping pollutants into the atmosphere must be confronted. We will either find a way to build a future for our children based on clean energy and sustainable jobs, or we will face unarmed a very unsentimental foe – a climate that makes life unsustainable.

The choice is clear, and the new Administration is following the wisest path forward.

Statement by David Moulton, Climate Policy Director