Statement on Salazar’s Comprehensive Outer Continental Shelf Energy Plan

Feb 10, 2009

By William H. Meadows, President

“We applaud Department of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar for taking the first step toward restoring sound science and an open process to governing how best to manage our offshore energy reserves. We agree with Secretary Salazar that the Bush administration’s midnight regulations governing offshore leasing and drilling constituted a headlong rush that did not adequately consider science or account for the concerns of states, communities and other stakeholders.

“In this new era of change and reform, we hope the Secretary will apply the same principles of acting in the public interest to other offshore decisions including those that are so critical to Alaskan communities in Bristol Bay and the offshore areas of the Arctic region. We are encouraged by the Secretary's recognition that we need to slow down and that we need a comprehensive energy and conservation plan. We look forward to working with him on such a plan in coming days.”