Statement In Support of Nomination of Senator Ken Salazar for Secretary of the Interior, by Wilderness Society President William H. Meadows

Jan 15, 2009

WASHINGTON — “Ken Salazar has been a bridge-building conservation leader in Colorado for over a decade, and was a personally committed land steward well before that. He understands the land, water, and people of the West and the intricate connections among those key features of our natural and social landscape. For our part, The Wilderness Society has developed an excellent working relationship with Sen. Salazar and his office, though we have not always agreed with the positions he has taken on every issue of concern to us. Nevertheless, in all instances we have appreciated the inclusive, thoughtful and open-minded way in which he approaches those positions and discussions leading to them.

“Taking on the multitude of issues in the immense landscape that comprises America’s publicly owned deserts, rivers, wetlands, mountains, forests, parks, and wildlife refuges managed in trust by the Department of the Interior for all Americans is an enormous responsibility. However, our experience with Sen. Salazar suggests that he will take that responsibility on in a strong and effective way, bringing to the task at hand his practical policies of inclusiveness, open-mindedness, and fairness that have characterized his career as a public servant to date.”