Statement on Today’s White House Automobile Standards Announcement

May 19, 2009

Today the White House will harmonize automobile emissions and mileage standards that California had been seeking with tough new national standards for the entire country. This move will accelerate by 4 years standards adopted by Congress in 2007 to get the nation’s vehicles at a target of 35.5 mpg and, for the first time, to impose limits on global warming pollution from cars and trucks. Today’s announcement means new standards will be in place between 2016 and 2020.

“This initiative finally puts the United States back on the road to world leadership in fuel efficiency and technological innovation, and will dramatically reduce the amount of heat-trapping pollution being coughed out of the tailpipes of America’s cars and trucks.

“We are finally facing the fact that dumping global warming pollution into the atmosphere is a dangerous threat to our own health and the health of the planet. All our natural ecosystems are at risk from the artificial climate disruption caused by these emissions. Our lands can only continue to filter clean air and clean water and protect our public health if they are not stressed to the choking point by our failure to stop emitting this pollution.

“Congress must now take the next step and pass the Clean Energy and Security Act out of the Energy and Commerce Committee without weakening amendments. We look forward to working with congressional leaders on this landmark legislation.”

Statement by David Moulton, Director of Climate Policy