Statement from The Wilderness Society on Horsepacking in Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks

Apr 24, 2012

“We support the sustainable use of horsepacking trips in wilderness, including in Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks.  Horses allow all Americans to enjoy our wilderness, including seniors and those facing an array of physical challenges.  We believe that, when properly evaluated and managed, guided horsepacking trips, including commercial ones, are consistent with the Wilderness Act and protecting wilderness values.

“While Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks works to address concerns laid out by a federal district court, a process that is likely to take multiple years to complete, we support the continuation of commercial trips – including those already scheduled for this summer – that are consistent with preserving the wilderness values in Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks.  This will allow the range of visitors to continue to enjoy Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks’ beautiful backcountry.”

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Kitty Thomas