Statement from William H. Meadows on National Wilderness Month 2011

Sep 15, 2011

Proclamation from President Obama begins significant month for America’s public lands


Today President Obama issued a proclamation decreeing September as National Wilderness Month.

William H. Meadows, president of The Wilderness Society, said about the proclamation:

“President Obama’s National Wilderness Month proclamation comes just days before the 47th anniversary of the Wilderness Act on September 3rd. Today, thanks to bipartisan leadership in both houses of Congress and the president in 1964, nearly 110 million acres of our shared public lands are protected for future generations to enjoy.

“This month, families are returning from their summer vacations spent hiking, swimming, camping and exploring America’s wild places – places that provide not just recreation, but clean water and clean air for communities, and critical support to many local economies.

“As we celebrate National Wilderness Month, we must also tackle the threats we face. House leadership has introduced the Great Outdoors Giveaway which would give away our public lands and waters to corporate polluters. The 112th Congress has also made deep, unprecedented cuts to critical conservation programs, while subsidies to industrial polluters remain high.

“Despite these tough challenges, millions of Americans are inspired daily by our treasured wild lands. We hope that Congress will heed their calls and work to protect our natural heritage.”