Statement of William H. Meadows, President on Announcement of President-Elect’s Environmental and Energy Team

Dec 15, 2008

The Wilderness Society applauds today’s announcement of President-elect Obama’s new energy and environmental team. The appointments of Steven Chu as Secretary of Energy, Carol Browner as the new energy and climate policy czar, Lisa Jackson to head the Environmental Protection Agency, and Nancy Sutley to reinvigorate the president’s Council on Environmental Quality speaks volumes about President-elect Obama’s priorities and his vision for America. The appointments announced this afternoon come at a critical time when America is facing complex policy challenges at the intersection of economic, energy, and climate change issues. These appointments signal a much-needed recommitment to caring for our land, water, and air and addressing the urgent threat that global warming poses to these resources and the human communities that depend on them. The president-elect’s recommitment to sound science in shaping environmental and energy policy is a breath of fresh air at a time when science has been discounted for so long.

Thanks to the President-elect’s vision — and his selection of a top-notch energy and environment team — America can look ahead to a cleaner energy future where stewardship of our precious resources is more important than giving them away to the highest bidder. This team represents a lifetime of engagement and leadership by individuals who have proven over their careers that they can effect change even in the toughest of circumstances. We enthusiastically endorse President-elect Obama’s selections, and welcome the chance to work with these four excellent appointees toward a greener future for America. For years our energy and environmental policy has produced pollution that lasts; now is the time to produce solutions that last.