True Grit

Jul 25, 2011

In order to combat the ongoing lack of accuracy in the debate over the many uses of our public lands The Wilderness Society’s team of legal, economic, and research experts are  launching a series of “bites” of truth about Western economies and public lands—the True Grit

True Grit is aimed at bringing reality back to the public lands conversation as well as documenting the misleading information being spread across the West. The goal is to shed some light on the spin that seems to be driving the conversation despite the reality behind many of the policies that govern our public lands. 

Every ten days or so you will hear more from our team of experts, including a new edition of True Grit, an audio sound bite, and images, charts or graphs that can be used for reproduction.

For more information contact:
Jennifer Dickson, Communications Manager

True Grit: A Heap-of-NEPA Lies

True Grit: Technically Uneconomic: Natural Gas Edition

True Grit: FUNDamental Misunderstandings- The Truth about the Land and Water Conservation Fund

True Grit: Can Your Community Afford
the Oil and Gas Industry? It’s more expensive than you think…

True Grit: Monumental Lies

True Grit: Oil and Gas Industry Job Numbers Just Don't Add Up

True Grit: Multiple Truths About Multiple Use

True Grit: Overwhelmed with Opportunity