Two Budgets: Back to the past or a roadmap to the future for the environment?

Mar 13, 2013

The budget proposals released this week by the House and Senate offer two very different paths for the future of the environment, according to The Wilderness Society.

“The plan outlined by Senator Murray will put our country on the path towards a clean, renewable energy economy while at the same time  ensuring that our public lands and wilderness areas will be protected  for future generations,” said Alan Rowsome, director of conservation funding at The Wilderness Society. “Congressman Ryan’s plan represents more of the same handouts to the fossil fuel industry we’ve been seeing for a century, along with permanent cuts to the wild places of America.”

“Senator Murray’s plan outlines responsible investments in clean energy, rather than giveaways to oil companies. Her budget also makes clear that protected lands offer a multitude of benefits to communities. Fully funding the Land and Water Conservation Fund – which draws dollars not from taxpayers, but from offshore drilling royalties – is a commitment to a successful and bipartisan program that protects our natural treasures, returning an investment to all Americans.  Rep. Ryan’s budget plan will all but eliminate funding for the program.”

“The Murray budget also supports the Legacy Roads and Trails program that addresses unnecessary forest service roads that harm water supplies and fragment wildlife habitat.

“These two budgets offer a clear choice – an unbalanced approach that favors the fossil fuel industry, or a prudent roadmap for the future.”