TWS welcomes new federal guidance on mitigation

Dec 23, 2016

BLM policies open the door for better outcomes for conservation and responsible development

In response to the Bureau of Land Management’s announcement today of the release of its final mitigation manual and handbook, The Wilderness Society issued the following statement from Alex Daue, Assistant Director for Energy & Climate:

“BLM’s new mitigation manual and handbook open the door to better outcomes for both conservation and responsible development. These products are part of the agency’s continued leadership in advancing a smarter, more balanced approach to managing our public lands.

“Used well, this guidance will steer projects to prime, low-conflict locations, adding predictability and permitting efficiency for developers and protecting wildlands. Conservation offsets like land protection and habitat restoration will offset impacts from construction and maintenance of the project sites.”

Noting that the manual and handbook complement a higher-level mitigation manual issued by the Department of the Interior in 2015, Daue said that The Wilderness Society looks forward to working with BLM and other stakeholders to implement the agency’s new policies and building on the success demonstrated with the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone, where projects were permitted in less than half the previous average time, due to new federal mitigation policies.