U.S. and Canada take bold steps in Arctic conservation

Mar 10, 2016
Credit: Michael Bamford, flickr.
United States and Canada announce agreement on Arctic conservation, methane reduction and other measures.

In response to today’s announcement that the United States and Canada have agreed on bold advances in Arctic conservation, including strict environmental and safety standards for oil and gas development on Arctic lands and waters, The Wilderness Society issued the following statement from our president, Jamie Williams:

“This commitment by President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau to increase environmental protection is wonderful news for the Arctic,” Williams said. “The United States and Canada are committing to raise the bar for development, holding industry to very high safety, environmental and climate-protection standards.”

“We also are pleased to see that the United States is taking additional steps to reduce the needless waste of methane at oil and gas facilities, a smart move for taxpayers and an important advance in the urgent fight against climate change.”

 “Citizens of both nations deserve to be proud of the leadership shown by the president and the prime minister,” Williams added. “By taking this historic step, they are setting an example for other countries to follow in combating climate change and protecting the fragile environment of the Arctic for the Native peoples who live there.”


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