Utah Rep. Rob Bishop calls for $50M in taxpayer dollars to seize America’s public lands

Mar 3, 2017

Saddle Mountain is a popular area for recreation and a favorite place to spy bighorn sheep only an hour west of downtown Phoenix.

Arizona Wilderness Coalition

The following statement is from The Wilderness Society regarding a late-breaking House budget request by Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rob Bishop to use $50 million in taxpayer dollars to immediately facilitate the takeover of America’s shared public lands by states because they “create a burden for surrounding states and communities.”

“The American people spoke loudly in January when they swiftly and decisively ended Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s push to sell off 3.3 million acres of our public lands, and now Chairman Bishop is burying a new attack in the folds of the budget process, hoping nobody will notice,” said Matt Keller, senior director of conservation with The Wilderness Society.

“Make no mistake: America is wide awake to these assaults and will not let a bully like Chairman Bishop use hard-earned taxpayer dollars to ensure oil, gas and mining industries can lay waste to the forests, parks and refuges that belong to us all,” Keller added.

Find the full House directive here.