We stand with those who suffer the unintended consequences of oil and gas booms

Feb 23, 2017

Solidarity rally against the Dakota Access Pipeline 

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The Wilderness Society signed on to a motion to protect Native women and children of Standing Rock from the many impacts of the Dakota Access Pipeline

The Wilderness Society joined the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center and over 118 Tribal Nations to stand up for those who will bear the burden of the Dakota Access Pipeline, as well as for the damage to our planet.

Oil and gas development and infrastructure have many impacts on land, air and water – but we don’t often think of the impacts on the surrounding communities. The Army Corps of Engineers needs to continue with the Environmental Impact Statement to ensure that all effects and risks of this pipeline are taken into consideration.

The local Native community deserves to be heard, and to have its sovereignty respected. The Wilderness Society stands tall with the NIWRC and the Native communities against the hasty completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline.