While Yosemite National Park remains closed to visitors, it is open season for timber companies

Oct 3, 2013

Yellowstone National Park closed due to shutdown


Statement on House hearing during government shutdown that would log and sell-off America’s public lands

The Wilderness Society today weighed-in on several bills being heard in the House Natural Resources Committee’s Subcommittee on Public Lands and Environmental Regulation. 
The following statement is from Alan Rowsome, senior director of government relations for lands at The Wilderness Society: 
“While America’s national monuments and parks, national wildlife refuges, and national forests remain shutdown to you and me, the House Natural Resources Committee is still finding the time to attack our public lands. They are considering a bill (H.R. 3188) that would override bedrock laws and the courts to log Yosemite and other public lands, including wilderness areas, all to benefit a select few. 
“And while the House is vigorously debating the merits of reopening our iconic national parks, they are simultaneously considering bills (H.R. 1633 and 2657) to sell off public lands across the West. If Congress opens America’s national parks and other public lands, they should do so for the American people, not special interests and big corporations.” 
To view The Wilderness Society’s letter on the bills, please visit: http://wilderness.org/sites/default/files/TWS_Testimony_HNRC_Hearing_10-3.pdf
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