Wilderness Society announces new Colorado state director

May 30, 2018
The Wilderness Society has announced that following an extensive nationwide search, Jim Ramey has been named Colorado state director.

In this role he will lead the organization’s campaigns and programs, including new wilderness designations, defending public lands from Donald Trump's energy dominance agenda, and exploring opportunities to make public lands accessible to all Coloradans.

Prior to becoming Colorado state director, Jim was an Outreach Manager for TWS’ Energy & Climate Campaign, where he worked to advance policies to reduce air pollution from the oil and gas industry and protect spectacular public lands that are Too Wild to Drill. Before joining TWS in 2015, Jim was Executive Director of Citizens for a Healthy Community, a grassroots group in Western Colorado that works on oil and gas issues on public lands. 

Jim has developed a deep love for Colorado’s public lands and wilderness areas after growing up in Ohio and first visiting Colorado in 2005. In his spare time, you can find him hiking, backpacking, running, and taking pictures of Colorado’s spectacular places with his wife Lindsey and their dog Crackers.

The following statement is from Melyssa Watson, Vice President of The Wilderness Society, Durango, CO: 
"The Wilderness Society has a proud tradition and deep commitment to protecting and defending the public lands which are critical to Coloradans’ way of life and central to our economy.  Now more than ever, we must defend these special places and ensure the benefits of our public lands are shared equitably by people across the state and conserved for future generations.  Jim Ramey has a track record of leading successful campaigns and a personal and professional commitment to working collaboratively and engaging people from all walks of life to protect and defend our public lands."

The following statement is from Jim Ramey, Denver, CO:  
Collaborative efforts with our partners and public lands stakeholders across Colorado will be the key to protecting sensitive wildlands from Donald Trump’s energy dominance agenda. The Wilderness Society is focused on ensuring we conserve our last great wildlands for future generations and Colorado is in the heart of those protection efforts. I’m incredibly hopeful about the future we can create for our public lands and I want to be a resource on everything public lands related for lawmakers, decision-makers, county officials, and the media in Colorado. Together we can ensure Coloradans continue to benefit from access to our beloved lands." 


Jim Ramey