The Wilderness Society calls on Obama administration not to accept Colorado’s proposed roadless rule

Apr 6, 2010

DENVER – In response to the State of Colorado submitting to the Obama administration its proposed rule for governing the country’s unroaded national forests, The Wilderness Society today issued the following statement.

“Rather than accept a state-specific rule that we don’t need, we encourage the Obama administration to implement the national rule protecting some 58 million acres of national forests, including over four million acres in Colorado,” said Steve Smith, assistant regional director for the Colorado office of The Wilderness Society. “We believe the administration can do so in a way that accounts for the unique characteristics that make national forests in Colorado special. The Wilderness Society would welcome an opportunity to work with the State of Colorado and the administration to honor the decade-long, wide-spread support for the 2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule. We believe we can implement the rule in a way that works for Colorado.”

Learn more: Visit this Wilderness Society Web page for a roadless rule timeline. You can also learn more about the legal status of the roadless rule.

Statement by Steve Smith, TWS assistant regional director for Colorado