The Wilderness Society celebrates huge win for California parks & clean water

Jun 5, 2018




Ian D. Keating - Flickr
California voters have passed Proposition 68, investing $4 billion to protect water, bolster drought preparedness, promote groundwater clean-up, and increase access to clean, safe neighborhood parks.

Proposition 68 park resources are to be allocated to the neighborhoods most in need.The measure will also fund wildfire prevention, protection of natural resources, and increased access to the coast.

“A significant part of our work in Los Angeles addresses barriers to parks and open space. We promote neighborhood strategies and policy implementation to help people reconnect with nature,” said Yvette Lopez-Ledesma, Urban to Wild Assistant Director at the Wilderness Society. “Investments from Prop 68 will increase opportunities for healthy outdoor recreation in underserved communities and address issues like flooding caused by a lack of storm water management, rising urban heat, and contaminated groundwater.”

The need to protect public lands, local parks and clean water has risen to the top of the priority list for The Wilderness Society, as well as other local and national conservation groups. “As the Trump administration seeks to weaken protections for clean water and shrink boundaries for public lands, Californians are committed to preserving these crucial natural resources for the benefit of current and future generations,” Lopez-Ledesma added. “For communities on the front lines of climate change like Pacoima and El Monte, the funding from Proposition 68 can help provide solutions to life threatening conditions from heat exposure, contaminated water supplies and flooding. That’s why we are celebrating the passage of Prop 68 as a win for communities across Los Angeles County and throughout the state.”

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