Wilderness Society decries Trump order to "review" parks and national monuments

Apr 26, 2017

Bears Ears National Monument in Utah.

Mason Cummings
Today the Trump Administration will sign an executive order that calls into question the validity of America’s parks and national monuments, focusing specifically on removing protections for Bears Ears National Monument.

The order demands that the Department of the Interior review more than 20 additional monuments created by the Antiquities Act—by both Democrat and Republican presidents—since 1996.

The following statement is from Jamie Williams, president of The Wilderness Society:

“The first 100 days of this Administration have been overwhelmingly focused on rolling back protections for America’s wild and sacred places, and polluting our clean air and drinking water. This executive order calling for ‘review’ of national monuments designated under the Antiquities Act is an affront to every American who enjoys our national parks and historic sites, and an injustice to the future generations who should inherit them.

“Places like Bears Ears National Monument are sacred regions for the Native American tribes who have fought tirelessly for generations to ensure the cultural and historic resources, like rock art, cliff dwellings, and sacred burial sites are protected for all time.

“Catering to the extractive industries and their allies in Congress, this order is part of a much broader, well-funded agenda to seize America’s best assets and turn them into cash cows for oil, gas and mining companies. We will fight every last rollback on behalf of the American people.”

Contact: Kate Mackay, Director of Wildlands Communications,  kate_mackay@tws.org, 602-571-2603

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