The Wilderness Society encouraged by climate resolution from 17 House Republicans

Mar 16, 2017

Increased renewable energy is one solution to help combat climate change

USAF, Wikimedia Commons

Yesterday, 17 Republican Members of the House introduced a resolution to find solutions to tackle climate change. The Wilderness Society released this statement from Senior Director of Energy and Climate Chase Huntley  in response:

“We are pleased to see climate leadership from many Republican members of the House. It requires tremendous courage to speak out on this issue in today’s political environment. We thank these members for calling on Congress to act on what is the most pressing issue of our day.

“Climate change is a significant threat to the health and resilience of our parks and public lands. It endangers our ability to enjoy these national treasures today and pass them on to future generations.

“A solution that both Democrats and Republicans support is the only way for us to truly be able to combat this clear danger. Conservation of our shared lands is strongly supported by the majority of Americans and voters in the west. They expect and deserve more from their government than a policy of delay and denial.

“Our public lands are also an essential part of our national climate solution. We will continue to push for action from Congress and the Administration to protect large, connected landscapes, which help wildlife adapt to climate change-related changes. We will keep working with federal agencies to ensure our land managers have the resources they need to ensure our lands can continue to provide clean water for western cities and support the recreation economy. And we will be calling on the Administration to take a hard look at the climate emissions coming from development of the energy resources owned by all Americans.

“We look forward to working with any member who is interested in addressing climate change and to making sure that everything Americans hold dear about public lands is not lost to the changing climate.”


Anastasia Greene, Communications Specialist, 202-429-2624,

Chase Huntley, Energy and Climate Program Director, 202-429-7431,