Wilderness Society Praises Tidwell’s Nomination as Forest Service Chief

Jun 17, 2009

“Tom Tidwell is a good choice for chief of the Forest Service. As regional forester in the Northern Region, he understands that the American public expects our national forests to supply us with clean water as well, intact wildlife habitat, and world-class recreational opportunities. He has been a strong supporter of protecting wild lands, including roadless lands.

“Tidwell also has been very effective in supporting collaborative efforts around forest restoration activities. He provided financial and other resource support for the Montana Forest Restoration Committee, an effort by conservation, timber and recreation interests to reach consensus on forest restoration projects in the region. Tidwell’s support for this effort helped foster a new spirit of collaborative approaches. In general, as regional forester, Tidwell has made himself accessible to all parties with an interest in how national forests are managed, including conservation, recreation and timber interests.”

Statement by Michael Francis, acting vice president, The Wilderness Society

Background: Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced Tom Tidwell will serve as the new chief of the US Forest Service. Tidwell formally held the position of Regional forester for the Northern Region, which includes national forests within Montana, Idaho, North Dakota, and South Dakota.