The Wilderness Society rebuttal to GOP address on energy

Apr 14, 2012

Statement from David Moulton, senior director of legislative affairs, on Rep. Upton’s GOP address.
"Representative Upton's address may talk about "all of the above" energy strategy, but his approach to gas prices is really "none of the above" because none of the policies he supports would bring gas prices down.  More drilling, the top policy refrain from the oil industry and its supporters in Congress, have not and won't reduce gas prices because those prices are tied to the world market, and we can only escape them by reducing reliance on oil.

"Instead of pushing for drilling, members of Congress should be ending the subsidies for oil companies that don't need them and spend the savings instead on clean renewable alternatives to our oil addiction.  The oil and gas companies currently benefit from tax subsidies totaling $4 billion a year, even though the top 5 companies alone made $137 billion last year.  It's time to look beyond the tired drilling debate, and move beyond the oil industry's hold on Congress, to an approach that ends our dependence on oil."