XL-sized poison pill puts Canadian oil agenda ahead of American working families

Dec 13, 2011

Statement from The Wilderness Society Senior Director of Legislative Policy David Moulton on the House proposal to tie a payroll tax cut extension to the Keystone XL pipeline.

“The decision by the House majority to combine the must pass payroll tax cut extension with a potpourri of failed legislation is a remarkable example of tin-ear legislating. The House of Representatives is jeopardizing the payroll tax cut extension for 160 million working Americans in order to make a holiday wish come true for a Canadian oil pipeline company.

“Rather than making America less dependent on foreign oil and lowering energy prices for American consumers, the Keystone XL would threaten American lands and waters, just to sell the final product to markets overseas. TransCanada is already selling tar sands oil to the Midwest, but is apparently not satisfied with the prices there, and has included overseas sales in its business plan for the Keystone XL oil.

“Moreover, TransCanada is part of the fossil fuel chorus that has convinced the Canadian government to pull out of the climate agreement so that it can keep polluting.  Apparently the US House majority so agrees with Canada’s dirty energy agenda that it is willing to put at risk America’s public health and payroll tax cut simultaneously. Is it any wonder that the American public is holding Congress at lower approval ratings than car salesmen?  There seems to be no end to the games played on behalf of special interests at the expense of everyone else. Congress should work for the American people and stop playing political games with our environment.”