America's outdoor legacy under attack


The Great Outdoors Giveaway Act.

That's what critics call the Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act, which would erase current protections on more than 60 million acres of America's undeveloped public lands, including 4.6 million acres in Colorado. The act would affect 55 million acres in national forests and almost 7 million acres in Bureau of Land Management properties, "releasing" them to corporate profit-making decisions.

… Our population grows, but there will never be more land. We now lose more than 3 million acres of open space a year, or almost 8,000 acres a day, to development. With no protection, our wild lands -- our nation's greatest legacy -- would disappear

… The Obama administration has stated that the president would not sign the bill, but Republicans have indicated they might attach it to another bill to slip it through.