America's Red Rock Wilderness: first hearing


America's Red Rock Wilderness Act was first introduced in Congress in 1989 by Wayne Owens (D. Utah), who recognized that the serpentine canyons, plateaus and wild country of southern Utah was worthy of wilderness protection. These lands had long been threatened by oil and gas drilling, uranium and other mineral mining, roads, and off-road vehicle use. When Rep. Owens left Congress in 1992, he asked his close friend Rep. Hinchey to sponsor the bill who currently enjoys the support of 137 cosponsors in the House. In 1998, Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) introduced America's Red Rock Wilderness Act in the Senate and remains its sponsor today, along with 20 co-sponsors in the 111th Congress.

…"There's a growing recognition across the country, including in Utah, that designating wilderness can be good for communities now and into the future," said Julie Mack, Utah State Director for The Wilderness Society. "We look forward to working with Utahns to ensure that these scenic treasures are protected."