As Earth Day nears, recall need to protect our assets

The 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day is April 22, so this is a good time to take a cue from John Henderson's Maine Voices column ("Make Earth Day routine and have an alternative commuting day weekly," Jan. 21) and treat every day as Earth Day.

I worked with Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson at The Wilderness Society after he left the U.S. Senate and know how committed he was to leaving our grandchildren a healthy planet.

Saving these special places pays dividends for hikers, kayakers, hunters, and others who love the great outdoors. A lesser-known benefit is the storage of carbon that is causing global warming.

Maine's forests play a vital role in soaking up this carbon, and our natural areas also help wildlife adapt to climate change by giving species a chance to move to areas that provide the conditions they need to survive.