On Energy, Obama Finds Broad Support


Fifty-five percent of Americans approve of the way Obama is handling the issue, compared with 30 percent who do not. A narrower majority, 52 to 43 percent, back a cap-and-trade system; that margin is unchanged since June.

…Majorities of those surveyed say changes in energy policy would address global warming and not raise energy costs. Although many proponents of a cap-and-trade bill say it could spur job creation in the renewable-energy sector and foes say it would drive jobs overseas, a plurality of Americans -- more than four out of 10 -- think that the legislation would have no effect on employment in their states. Fewer than one in five say that the reform efforts would lead to job losses; more than twice as many see added jobs.

GOP criticism of the House energy and climate bill appears to have primarily influenced Republicans themselves. Among Republicans, support for cap-and-trade legislation has dipped from 45 percent to 37 percent since a poll taken in June.

…The public's preferences regarding energy sources to meet the nation's needs remain mostly the same as they were at the start of the decade, with a modest uptick in support for new nuclear power plants and a decline in support for building oil-, coal- or natural gas-fueled plants.

Solar and wind power enjoy near-universal support; nine in 10 people support further development. More than eight in 10 favor requirements for greater fuel efficiency