Give the Trees a Voice: Become Part of the Rulemaking Process That Protects US National Forests


We owe the trees and forests of the world a great debt and thanks for all they’ve provided us with, but how do we repay them? We have them cut down for our furniture, homes, roadways, shopping malls, and other similar reasons. Fortunately, there are at least some people who care enough to stand up for the trees and give them a voice where they would not be heard otherwise.

Over the past 6 weeks and throughout 33 regional public meetings across the US, people have spoken for the trees. They made it clear to the Obama administration that they want greater protection for our National Forests; this includes applying a sound science to the process, preserving clean drinking water supplies, addressing climate change (once and for all), and better protection of fish and wildlife.

You may wonder why it’s a big deal to protect the National Forests; why should you, or anyone else, care what happens to them? Well, according to Mike Anderson of The Wilderness Society:

“What happens on our national forests affects everyone in the country, from the water we drink to the places we turn to for recreation. This public hearing process gave citizens the chance to urge the Forest Service to establish the strongest possible protection for water, trees and other natural resources needed by people and wildlife alike.”...