God is found in the wilderness for Passover, Holy Week


The author of God in the Wilderness, known as The Adventure Rabbi, will lead a Passover Seder dinner in the Utah desert next week so participants can experience firsthand the stark, gritty beauty of a desert setting like the one where much of the Exodus story takes place.

Likewise for Easter: You can be so exhilarated and humbled on a ski run or snowshoe trail that there are no obstacles to total joy in Jesus' Easter resurrection, say religion scholar Marcia McFee and Protestant minister Karen Foster, co-authors of Spiritual Adventures in the Snow.

… "Wilderness is built into the Passover story," which Jews retell during the Seder, the ritual meal of prayers and symbolic foods, Korngold says. Baby Moses cast into the river. Moses pausing to notice the burning bush. Israelites roaming the desert for 40 years. The law engraved on tablets carried down Mt. Sinai.

"Jesus did all his ministry outside," says Foster, 49.