A Green Economy: How the Environment and Economy Go Hand-in-Hand


The world today faces two main problems: the economy and the environment. Some would suggest these 2 issues go hand-in-hand. Many have different ideas on how to deal with them. However, very few can agree on what should be done about them. Recently, I was sent a rather interesting video that gives some interesting ideas on how to deal with these very problems.

Promoted by The Wilderness Society, this particular video talks about how helping the environment will also help the economy. In particular, it focuses on creating a more “green economy”. Considering the path the world has been on in recent years, more people are taking notice of climate change, eco-friendly products, and the environment in general. You’ll see people switching from energy suppliers of the past to a more renewable source. Recycling bins are apt to fill up more quickly, while consumers keep a sharp eye out for organic or green-labeled products. Needless to say, the green lifestyle is rapidly growing and as such, more green jobs are becoming available...