Group unveils Rocky Mountain Front proposal


A plan that proposes to add a new layer of protection to 307,000 acres along the Rocky Mountain Front, while adding 86,000 acres in six chunks to the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, was unveiled Wednesday.

The Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act is an agreement hammered out during the past three years mainly by people who live along the Front, according to members of the Coalition to Protect the Rocky Mountain Front.

The plan, which will be presented to the public at four meetings beginning Sept. 30, uses a newly cre-ated "Conservation Management Area" designation that seeks to provide less opportunity for road building, logging and development on forest lands along the Front and acts as a buffer zone between private lands and the federal wilderness area.

.. The group doesn't yet have a sponsor for the bill, but said they've gotten positive reactions from Montana's congressional delegation as well as from local forest service supervisors for the manner in which the plan was created.