Heritage Trust Broken


The lack of fiscal discipline that has shortchanged investments in our natural heritage doesn’t square with what American citizens want. Recent polling shows that 86 percent of voters - including 83 percent of Republicans - support using offshore oil and gas revenues for protecting open space and expanding outdoor recreation opportunities.

(The Land and Water Conservation Fund) is a program that works. It provides critical funding to buy open space from willing sellers and to develop places to play that are available for all citizens, which in turn pays dividends in high quality of life, good health and local economic activity.

The LWCF is a federal program that delivers good value for money spent. It is premised on conservative values - foresight, saving for the future and fiscal responsibility.

Congress has an opportunity to live up to its trust responsibility by passing legislation that dedicates the full amount of LWCF funds to their dedicated purpose. It is the right thing to do for unborn generations.