Keep It Wild


We were shocked recently to find out that Texas' best-loved wild place, Big Bend National Park, isn't in the top tier of the nation's best-protected public land. Big Bend hasn't been designated a wilderness, so it doesn't fall under the National Wilderness Protection System. That needs to change.

… These days, of course, there aren't many wild places left, and the ones that remain have to be protected. Much of Big Bend, thankfully, is already managed as if it were an official federal wilderness.

…Recently the Sierra Club and a host of other groups (including, notably, the International Mountain Bike Association) wrote Ciro Rodriguez, the U.S. congressman whose district includes Big Bend. They urged him to introduce legislation designating more than a half-million of Big Bend's wildest acres as wilderness.

We hope he does that. We want the Big Bend that we love to be around for our grandkids — and for their grandkids, too.