Monument serves as good example of public-land use


She mentions the "land grab" that occurred in 1996 with the creation of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Where was the "land grab"? The area was previously administered by the Bureau of Land Management. The monument continues to be administered by the BLM. Most of the monument is under a multiple-use designation. This means that hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, grazing and even many of the previous oil and gas leases are still honored.

…The increased interest in geology, archeology and paleontology has brought world attention to the monument and Southern Utah. How is that so bad?

…Ms. Weaver says "not on my lawn," as though you and I owned the federal public lands the same as our personal property. She may have forgotten that one of the pushes for designation of the monument was because a Dutch company with headquarters in Kentucky wanted to mine coal to ship it to Taiwan. Talk about nonresidents exploiting Utah's resources! How about leaving some of Utah's undeveloped resources for our children and grandchildren to exploit!