Murkowski Proposes Directional Drilling in ANWR


Environmental groups said they would fight any legislation that would let oil companies drill sideways from outside the boundaries of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge into its oil and gas reserves, predicting it would be "dead in the water" under the Obama administration.

Their response came within hours of U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski's announcement Thursday that she planned to introduce a bill that would allow for use of a technology called directional drilling under the surface of the coastal plain…

During his recent Senate race, Mark Begich, a Democrat, promoted directional drilling into ANWR. So did Frank Murkowski when he was the state's governor and earlier when he was U.S. senator.

…Murkowski said she realizes directional drilling is not a perfect solution, and current technology means it would only reach about a tenth of likely oil reserves, perhaps a greater percentage of the natural gas.