Nike, Starbucks, other Northwest businesses push Congress for 'clean energy economy'


At a news conference on the Nike campus Tuesday, representatives from businesses, unions and youth groups, joined by U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., announced a "Race for American Jobs" campaign that they hope will persuade the Senate to pass legislation similar to that passed in the House.

Speakers said the United States is in an economic arms race with China and must grasp the opportunity to create jobs, reduce its dependence on sometimes-hostile foreign oil suppliers and take advantage of technological innovation that will usher in a "low-carbon economy," as Blumenauer described it.

…Organizers of Tuesday's event are taking the campaign to Denver; Columbus, Ohio; and Manchester, N.H., gathering signatures and business support for climate change legislation. The information will be delivered to Congress and the Obama administration March 10.