North Fork Flathead protection latest in growing list of Northern Rockies conservation efforts


As momentous as Campbell's announcement was, it's also part of a conservation trend sweeping across the Rocky Mountains on both sides of the border.

Canadian conservationists have been pushing the Castles Special Place initiative to protect the mountains north of Waterton Lakes National Park. They've also been trying to extend Waterton's boundary west to the Flathead River. And then there's the big-umbrella project known as the "Yellowstone to the Yukon Initiative" which seeks to protect wild areas along a 2,000-mile swath of the Rocky Mountains.

…"There's a constant theme - people really want to keep this landscape the way it is today," said Bob Ekey, director of the Wilderness Society's Northern Rockies region in Bozeman. "And you can't do nothing. You have to take some kind of action."