Protesters Roar Through Federal Lands


Kane County Commissioner Mark Habbeshaw told a group of ATV riders Saturday: "We're mad as hell and aren't going to take [it] anymore."

His remark was met with cheers from more than 300 all-terrain and off-highway vehicle owners at a rally outside Kanab before the group got the command, "Let's ride." They went en masse out to the Paria River to ride their machines up the muddy stream in a protest over federal restrictions on use.

… Saturday was no exception as law enforcement stood by just watching the vehicles plow through the shallow stream.
BLM spokesman Larry Crutchfield said Saturday that it is critical for everyone to respect the law and legal process. He said there are 600 miles of roads in the monument open to ATV and OHV use.

…Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab, fired-up the crowd when he said that after the roads are taken away by the government, they will come after the people's right to hunt on public lands.