Reinforce Roadless Rule


I started my Spokane business, Mountain Gear Inc., in 1983 as a way to get more people out to enjoy the many close-to-home recreation opportunities in our region. I have a passion for adventure, and selling outdoor gear seemed like a great way to make a living. Mountain Gear is a growing company, employing nearly 100 people, and it is part of the multibillion-dollars-per-year recreation industry that relies on our nation’s public lands and waters.

The lakes, rivers, mountains and forests of the Inland Northwest serve as important habitat for fish and wildlife, and provide recreational opportunities and jobs for citizens. While I make my living helping people play on our public lands, I believe our roadless wild forests should be protected for our children and future generations to enjoy.

President Obama must act quickly to restore protections for our last undeveloped national forests by upholding the Roadless Area Conservation Rule. It is also critical that the administration implement an immediate “timeout” on road building and other activities in roadless areas around the country until the roadless rule can be reinstated.