Wyoming governor puts slice of national park on the market


Wyoming is trying to force the Interior Department to trade land, minerals or mineral royalties for 1,366 acres that the state owns within the majestic park. If the feds don't agree to a deal -- soon -- Freudenthal threatens to put a for-sale sign on the property.

…Even in pro-development Wyoming, however, selling off land in a national park isn't a popular idea. Some are protesting already.

…"These are wildlife-rich habitats completely surrounded by pristine parkland," said park spokeswoman Jackie Skaggs. "For obvious reasons, Grand Teton National Park would be very, very concerned and disappointed if these lands were sold for development." A deal wouldn't be unprecedented: Utah in 1999 worked out an elaborate swap involving nearly 600 square miles of state land within several national parks, monuments and recreation areas. The state got $50 million plus 240 square miles of federal land in return.