Yellowstone Draws Visitors for New Adventures


Yet for all its continuity, Yellowstone has recently witnessed considerable change in its winter season. In West Yellowstone, the park’s most popular winter portal, many more visitors now arrive with skis, snowshoes, cameras and spotting scopes. They increasingly express a desire to learn about Yellowstone and to be a part of its protection. A growing percentage is eager to access the Park’s interior by motorized vehicle, but then to get out under their own power on boardwalks and trails.

… One challenge for those of us welcoming winter visitors — a major opportunity as it turns out — has simply been demographic. Among tens of millions of “baby boomers,” exercise has become a quality-of-life issue. Boomers wanting to be more physically active, and interactive with the outdoors, are a big part of the increasing percentage of winter visitors arriving in West Yellowstone wanting to ski, snowshoe or walk as part of their national park adventure.