CAPE Awards 2010 Announced

Monday, December 20, 2010

Celebrating Milestones in Conservation for our Public Lands

We have witnessed some inspiring achievements for public lands conservation over the past year, made possible by the tireless and heroic efforts of BLM staff, invested citizens, and our amazing partner groups. The BLM Action Center is proud to present the 2010 CAPE Awards – a top ten list of this year’s greatest moments for the spectacular landscapes managed by the BLM. Once again, our National Conservation Lands are well represented, along with many other places The Wilderness Society is dedicated to protecting.

The Comparative Analysis of Particular Excellence (CAPE) rating system, inspired by the superhero-like character of the Action Center team (able to leap tall stacks of RMPs in a single bound), ranges from one CAPE on the low end (worth a pat on the back) to five CAPEs on the high end (HUGE PROGRESS!!! WAY TO GO!!!). We gave extra credit for fulfilling our 2010 Wish List – kudos to the Little Snake and Jarbidge Field Offices!

Get the full list of winners and their stories here.

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